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Computer washing machine: 4007288810
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No self-service car wash really came, Dongguan City

Dongguan Auto Beauty Chain, Guangdong Province

Selected model: CL-3600 Octopus car washer

CM-918 gantry car washer

Number of purchased machines: 2 sets

Customer Type: Car Beauty Chain

With its excellent product quality, fast and efficient car washing efficiency, low energy consumption, high cost performance, and good reputation among users, Chekelin has been favored and recognized by many customers. The new car washer CL has attracted wide attention from users at home and abroad since it was put on the market. On the basis of the traditional car washer, the company has optimized and upgraded the transmission system, intelligent control system, safety and prompt system and other modules for up to dozens of functions.

The CL-3600 Octopus washing machine in Chekerin adopts a new high-pressure cleaning system. The washing pressure is large, and the washing pressure is 45 degrees oblique angle. It is equivalent to washing twice on one side. The dirty car can also be washed clean, and it can walk around innovatively. Quality decides everything. The car wash effect is remarkable. Excellent quality and mature technology have won the trust of many customers. Every technological innovation and product change in the car wash industry has attracted wide attention in the market.

Following is the installation site of Sanbai second automobile beauty chain in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.

Chekerlin CL-3600 unattended automatic car washer is developed with 10 years experience in domestic car washer industry and 20 years experience in automatic mechanical manufacturing. It is equipped with high-end CNC operation system, which can fully complete the functions of vehicle cleaning, nursing, waxing, polishing, coating and air-drying. Intelligent control, vivid release, shock, rare and luxurious.

Each computer car washer in Chekelin strictly implements more than 200 process standards, and strives to improve every car washer. Car Passenger Lin car washer brand pays attention to product quality, really starting from the details, from every car washer spare parts to every car washer assembly, car washer finished products, there is a dedicated person responsible for quality inspection, from the first link there is the equipment number, the real realization of product quality traceability system, so that customers who buy fully automatic computer car washer can buy at ease, use at ease.

Checkerlin has maintained a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many international brand suppliers, many of which were first applied to the field of automatic car washers by Checkerlin. For example, Begafu Ultrasound, Pinfu High Pressure Pump, Corey Inductor, Taiwan Industrial and Mechanical Motor, and Paka of Japan have become long-term partners with us.