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Replacement Method of Spark Plug for Vehicle

Spark plugs are familiar with the daily consumption of automobiles, but most owners care little about such a public part. As the core of automotive engine, the performance of spark plug is almost certain to be good or bad, so we recommend that you check the spark plug of automobile.

One, how to judge the life of spark plug

Spark plug is an important part of engine working parts. When the mixture is sucked into the cylinder for compression, it must be ignited by spark plug to complete the work. Therefore, the performance of spark plug directly affects the mixture gas of lighting explosion to a certain extent. But this spark plug electrode also occurs in the process of consumption. Based on factors such as melting point and hardness of the electrode material, the electrode will gradually be consumed. When the distance between electrodes is too large, the vehicle will drop, the cold start is difficult, the fuel consumption will increase, so it is better to consider replacing the spark plug. Generally speaking, the normal service life of spark plugs for ordinary family cars is about 20,000 kilometers. In addition, in order to extend the durability of spark plugs, some manufacturers use precious metals such as platinum, iridium electrode materials, but also can increase the intensity of ignition energy.

Second, is it necessary to upgrade spark plugs?

Generally speaking, the initial spark plug is rigorously tested by the manufacturer and can fully meet the needs of daily driving. It is necessary to achieve the best balance between economy and power. The original spark plug, however, due to cost control factors, generally will not choose a better performance spark plug, so for some owners to pursue perfect performance can also consider appropriate upgrade spark plug. But when upgrading, the following principles should be followed: 1. The spark plug type matches the engine type of the car. 2. Calorific value is an important reference index in the selection of spark plugs. The calorific value of the original spark plug is generally comprehensive considering various road conditions, but some modification enthusiasts like to upgrade to high calorific value spark plug. Although high calorific value spark plugs are more suitable for high-speed engines, they will produce too much carbon deposition under long-term traffic conditions, so they will be based on the calorific value of mild spark plugs. (3) There is no warranty period for new cars. If spark plugs are replaced, some manufacturers will refuse to provide warranty services.

Third, how to replace spark plugs

Although the spark plug status is so important, it can be very simple to delete. Generally speaking, most spark plugs in automobiles are exposed engines (except for some high-end cars), as long as the engine guard is opened, and then exposed to you with high-voltage wire spark plugs. But if you want to delete the spark plug, or need some common sense, please delete the spark plug using a professional hexagonal socket wrench, and delete the installation process must not allow the outside world of the cylinder, and adhere to the principle of vertical disassembly of the spark plug will spark plug.

In fact, another advantage of replacing spark plugs is that they can detect car failures as early as possible. For example, I can see the color of the spark plug after I take it apart. If black carbon is all around the electrodes, this auto show is not burning well enough, rich mixing, burning oil may be the culprit; when red-brown is found near the electrodes, which has proved that the use of gasoline is unqualified, attention should be paid to the quality of fuel in order to avoid greater losses. In short, their activities, can train and feel the car, common sense, can let oneself know more about the car kill two birds with one stone.