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Treatment of Vehicle Mailbox Drying

If there is a gas station near the first check valve in the city, or the gas to the gas station can fill her back. But fruits are not used in remote places. Note that in order to gain more scope, this time, a variety of energy-saving technologies will be used.

1. Find the nearest gas station to make sure the distance is not too wide. Expressway, find service area, or find a gas station at high speed. (Yuxin Computer Car Washer)

2. Control the speed. From 1.3 to 1.8 L low-emission vehicles, the most fuel-efficient speed is 45-65 km/h, while slightly higher-emission vehicles from 2.0 to 3.0 L, the most fuel-efficient speed is 55-75 km/h. These are tested by a large number of different models with the same displacement. Note that after the fuel economy mode, more work speed and more fuel, so the speed is best controlled at 100 km/h, but on the highway should pay attention to the minimum speed sign, not less than the minimum speed limit, in order to avoid danger.

3. Body load. Larger vehicles carry more oil. If you have a colleague's car, heavy luggage and passengers can arrange another car.

4. Turn off the electrical appliances. Navigation, air conditioning and so on, these high-power electrical appliances can increase the load of the engine, which will further affect fuel consumption.

5. Close the window. In a fast moving car, wind resistance. Closing all the windows will save you a lot of fuel.

6. Pay attention to road conditions. As smoothly as possible, asphalt roads must be more fuel-efficient than pitted roads.

7. Everything is going smoothly. Reasonable change, slowly step on the accelerator, look forward to the surrounding vehicles in advance and conditions, to avoid braking.

8. Avoid congestion. Not a lot of oil is worse. If you are in the wrong road or traffic jam, you should plan the road reasonably, observe or use navigation to avoid the wrong way, listen to the radio, and use car help applications to avoid traffic jams.