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Ways to Reduce Automobile Fuel Consumption

If you find that the sudden combustion is more than 10% more than usual, this may mean that there is a problem. You can find the reasons and remedial measures from the following eight aspects in time:

1. If you are driving a car with a significantly reduced sliding distance now, you should check whether the pressure of the tire pressure is standard. If the tire is not inflated enough, fuel consumption will increase.

Tip: Adequate gas for tires in time.

2. Check the wear degree of the tire. If the tire wears seriously, it will often slip and increase fuel consumption.

Tip if necessary: New tire.

3. If you are on the road or begin to find abnormal wheels, check the bearing and braking system in time. If the wheel rotates abnormally, it will affect the speed and increase fuel consumption.

Tip: Bearing and braking system.

4. Clutch skidding will cause engine revolution to be lost. When you find that the engine tachometer increases rapidly in emergency acceleration, but the growth rate is slow, it is certain that the clutch slips.

Tip: The clutch plate, clutch pressure plate and driving wheel need to be replaced.

5. When your car is driving at a concentration of kilometers, there will often be a phenomenon of insufficient cylinder pressure, and consumption will increase significantly.

Tip: If this kind of fault occurs, the engine needs overhaul.

6. If the spark plug is used too long, the fuel consumption will increase. Because spark plug damage will reduce ignition energy, slow car speed, leading to a significant increase in gasoline consumption.

Tip: Spark plugs should be replaced.

7. When the temperature control switch is damaged, the fuel consumption will increase. Because of the temperature control switch, the damage of the thermostat will reduce the water temperature, and the carburetor will not work properly, resulting in poor gas atomization and a significant increase in oil consumption.