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Xiaolin Lecture Hall
Lecture 1: Knowledge of High Pressure Pump of Automatic Car Washing Machine

In recent years, with the continuous growth of car ownership, car beauty is a sunrise industry, attracting the eyes of many investors and entrepreneurs. Car washing is an important part of car beauty. Only through car washing service can a new shop attract customers to consume other items in its stores. If car washing service can not do well, let alone operate other items. It is particularly important to purchase an excellent automatic car washing equipment. However, as an outsider who wants to buy a car washing equipment of high quality in a short time, its difficulty is no less than running a car beauty shop. In order to enable consumers to see the truth in a short time, Chekelin needs to let consumers know in detail what systems the automatic car washer consists of and whether these components meet the use standards. Only after fully understanding, can we buy high-quality products.

An automatic car washing machine is divided into two parts, mechanical and electrical. The mechanical part is composed of the whole frame system, high pressure system, foam system, water wax system and air drying system. The electrical part is composed of control system, detection system, intelligent guidance system and safety protection system. These parts, from the design structure to the parts configuration, determine the quality of the car washer and the value of a car washer.

The first lecture of Xiaolin Hall: The knowledge of high-pressure pump of automatic car washer "shaping the bottom". The high-pressure pump box system is composed of high-pressure plunger pump, motor and integral pump box frame. Different prices vary greatly. If you don't understand it, you will specify the brand/specifications of high-pressure pump in the contract terms when signing the purchase contract. Here, I solemnly declare P+F of Germany. High-pressure plunger pump is the only official designated brand high-pressure pump for Cheqilin.

The quality of high-pressure pump determines whether the power of a car washer is strong or not, and whether the car wash effect is excellent. Chekelin is the first company to adopt Pinfl pump in Germany in China. In addition to the surging power and lower noise, Pinfl pump is more well-known in the industry for its stable performance and long service life. German process, nano-scale pump body coating, under normal use, only once a year to replace the oil (the first use needs to replace the oil within six months).

In this chapter, do you know and understand the high-pressure pump system knowledge of car washers? Excellent product quality and ordinary products can be seen at a glance as long as the data are compared. Excellent product quality is an important basis to ensure your business. We do not evaluate others, we strive to do our best.

Based on objective facts, with scientific attitude and rigorous norms, Chekerlin will tell you how to choose and buy computer car washers correctly.