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Xiaolin Lecture Hall
Lecture 2: Knowledge of the Testing System of Computer Car Washing Machine

With the development of the times, the team engaged in Automobile beauty industry is growing rapidly. Many businessmen have begun to pay attention to car washing service and how to wash "good" cars to gain more profit space. Today, with the rapid development of China's automobile industry, it is a general trend to use automatic car washing technology. However, for any consumer, it is impossible to know how many unknown secrets there are in this industry and products if they have not been exposed to automatic car washing before. Based on objective facts, with scientific attitude and rigorous calculation, Chekelin Company will tell you how to choose and buy computer car washers correctly with data.

An automatic car washing machine is divided into two parts, mechanical and electrical. The mechanical part is composed of the whole frame system, high pressure system, foam system, water wax system and air drying system. The electrical part is composed of control system, detection system, intelligent guidance system and safety protection system. These parts, from the design structure to the parts configuration, determine the quality of the car washer and the value of a car washer.

Lesson 2 of Xiaolin Lecture Hall: Bus Passenger Forest takes you to know the knowledge of the automatic car washer's "root-shaping" detection system. In this chapter, we will introduce the composition and principle of the computer car washer detection system for consumers in detail.

The detection system of automatic car washer is divided into three kinds of detection, the first is "reflection infrared" detection, the second is "photoelectric" detection, which is also the most common detection method, and the third is "ultrasonic" detection.

Infrared reflection detection: The principle is simple, that is, an infrared emitter gives a signal. When it is blocked, the signal reflects back to the emitter. The biggest disadvantage of infrared reflection is that the emitted signal is easily disturbed, it is not easy to penetrate the water mist, easy to cause out of control and crash, and it is not suitable for use in the environment with large water mist. Its price is low, and the market price is 50 yuan each.

Radio optoelectronics: The principle is similar to infrared reflection, but here we add a signal receiving source, that is, when two photovoltaics are in the same parallel line, they will produce an infrared wave. When there is an object blocking, the system gives a signal. Its disadvantage is that photovoltaics is easy to sell water mist interference. Its advantage is that it has a larger induction range and more flexible operation.

Ultrasound: Ultrasound is a kind of sound wave whose frequency is higher than 20,000 Hz. It has good direction, strong penetration ability, easy to obtain concentrated sound energy, and can spread far in water without interference of car washing water mist. It can be used for ranging, speed measurement, cleaning, welding, gravel, sterilization and disinfection. There are many applications in medicine, military, industry and agriculture.

In this chapter, transparent data parameters, consumers have a clear understanding and understanding of the car washer detection system knowledge. Excellent product quality and ordinary products as long as the data are compared, the good or bad will be clear at a glance. Excellent product quality is an important basis to ensure your operation. Cheerkelin Company has pushed China's car washers into the "quality era" step by step through continuous efforts and research.